Sunday, December 2, 2007

Random October Pictures

So we are catching up with some of our pictures. This set includes some of the random pictures from the month of October.

Allie loves looking out the window. She is hanging out with Grandma Harris and Emma. Note: you can see Grandpa Harris taking the pictures of the event. Seems equally memorable to have a picture of Allie as it is to have a pictures of Grandpa Harris taking the picture.

Here is a portrait of Lowell and Kathleen. As you can see Emma sneaked in.

A fun picture of the kids with Grandma Harris.

Not sure what to say on this one. Looks like Andrew is going to take a dive into the leaves, but exactly where I am not sure. Is he jumping or is he falling out of the tree. He seems to be doing some kind of jedi force float.

This was Allie's typical nap time activity. She would pull at the blinds (basically ripping them apart) so she could watch all the kids play out in the yard. After taking the picture we had to re-arrange her room to keep her away from the window.

Allie excited to be part of the adventure.


Nice picture of the kids with their cousins. Minus the random girl in the pink dress. She just kind of showed up for the picture.

You can tell how excited Andrew gets when it's time to take some pictures.

What's a river without throwing rocks into it.

This is about the closest we have ever come to getting all three kids looking at the camera at once.

Andrew is such a good kid.

This happens more than you know.

Okay, Allie loves the dog. She even learned to call the dog by making noises with her mouth. Of course her favorite thing to do is feed the dog which has been a big downside with the dog no longer here (a lot of cleanup on the floor).

This is just a favorite of mine, Emma picking some Autumn leaves.