Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching up again. (Easter wasn't that long ago, was it?)

Alright, finally getting some pics up on the blog.  Here you go Grandma Harris, we hope you have a good day.

This first bunch of photos are a few from the many bribed photo shoots that Grandpa Harris took the kids on.


Ahh, springtime flowers!


Ahhh, the police collecting needles in the nearby field..... what the what?!  True story, Andrew and Emma were out playing in the field and Andrew found some needles.  He brought them in for questioning instead of playing with them.  Awesome kid.  I guess it's just life living on the West Side.  It was cool seeing the cop car.


So we took a trip to the zoo to see the elephants, which Allie loves.  It was an adventure.

Yes, there is a photo of Allie just wandering away, no fear, that little punk!

Look what Allie did to Grandma.  Okay, truthfully it was a bike accident.  She only pulled about 270 out of a 360 spin jump.  Awesome battle wound.  


Pinewood derby time!  First I nearly forgot about it, luckily Grandpa Deming was on it.  And then some.  The car rocked the house which landed a first place ribbon.  We went into this thing just hoping the car didn't stop midway down the track, so getting first place was quite a surprise to all of us.  Thanks again Grandpa Deming!

Hanging out at a family wedding.

Just having a blast hanging out with family.

We killed that Ice Cream!

But we do clean up well!


Grandma wasn't a fan, but according to Andrew it was "the best ride of my LIFE!"
Yeah, we had too much fun with the truck.

Note: The many pictures of Allie eating chocolate eggs.  Once she discovered them, it was nonstop.  Every time I turned around she was peeling back the tightly wrapped pastel tin foil to devour the chocolate morsels inside.

Apparently Emma did not like that one.  But her Pez loading technique is really quite ingenious.

What is Easter without some after church photos.

It takes about two minutes outside before you start hunting for rollie pollies.


We put down some tinfoil to catch any grease, and or drool.

WARNING!  Vegetarians look no further, but that little lamb was dee-lish!


Thank you Tiffany and Sean for spending Easter with us.  Hope to see you guys soon, looking forward to your ribs!