Sunday, October 31, 2010

SNOW DAY!!... well sort of

So we had some October snow, which only means one thing....


We thought she would grow out of this by now, but sure enough, no sooner did she see the snow before she was asking for a bowl and spoon. Though cool and refreshing, not sure how many daily vitamins you get from snow.

Mmmmm, back for seconds and thirds.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How do you kill flies at your house?

We had a bit of a fly problem, but we took care of it.

Why all the flies you ask?  Well the other day, Andrew body slammed the screen door, bending it severely, and is has never been the same.  He couldn't just walk into the house, but wanted to take one leap from the edge of the step into the house, forgetting the one detail of checking whether the screen door was open or closed.  It was closed.

So anywho... the screen door doesn't really shut, and the flies help themselves in.  But we figured out how to deal with them.

Late Night Lullabye - Thanks I-15 Core Project

Hmmm, what's worse, adding an extra hour to my daily commute home, or this freaking lullaby! I shot this video at 1 A.M. just walking distance from our house. Amazing how every single construction project in Utah was dreamed up and approved all at once, to create one lovely orange clad city scape to drive through at 3 mph. Thanks UDOT!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Allison's Preschool Fall Festival

The pictures turned out real well.  You know, the camera I was using was amazing, because looking back at these pictures, it looks way more fun than it actually was.  We busted our butts to be there, the kids were so excited to go.  Rachel left before I got home because I was stuck in BYU sucky game traffic, and even once I got to Orem, I had to fight construction which seems to be absolutely everywhere.  But I made it just before it was ending.  Just in time for some lukewarm hot dogs in buns twice their size, chips sitting in open containers and we fortunately missed out on the watered down kool-aid, we just had water, which was actually very refreshing.  But we like to show our support, and we are very thankful for Allies preschool organization, and what they do for us.  We still had a lot of fun being there.