Sunday, October 10, 2010

Allison's Preschool Fall Festival

The pictures turned out real well.  You know, the camera I was using was amazing, because looking back at these pictures, it looks way more fun than it actually was.  We busted our butts to be there, the kids were so excited to go.  Rachel left before I got home because I was stuck in BYU sucky game traffic, and even once I got to Orem, I had to fight construction which seems to be absolutely everywhere.  But I made it just before it was ending.  Just in time for some lukewarm hot dogs in buns twice their size, chips sitting in open containers and we fortunately missed out on the watered down kool-aid, we just had water, which was actually very refreshing.  But we like to show our support, and we are very thankful for Allies preschool organization, and what they do for us.  We still had a lot of fun being there. 

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