Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 08!

Thanksgiving time is here! Or was here I should say. So here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving weekend. We were thankful for good food, good fun, and good times.

What is Thanksgiving without Muddie Buddies. Allie quickly grew attached, and became quite possessive over them. And of course, we did some Wii-laxing.

Just hanging out. Andrew Allie, and Lizz came down to visit.

Our turkey is not so much about presentation, but more about filling our bellies before it ever can hit the table. We ate way to much, but would do it all over again. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry. It was some goood turkey. We are just pigs by nature..... mmmmmm.... bacon.

Fun and games at Grandma and Grandpa Demings house. Allie's game was to eat all her Grandparents grapes. (Then most likely spit them out in various places, still unconfirmed at time of departure)

Due to the need of many leftovers, we like to make our own Thanksgiving meal. Sunday we had one last Thanksgiving celebration, and Lizz came down to join us.

After our Thanksgiving meal, we decided to watch Home Alone. Allie kept re-inacting the hands on the face scream.

Some pics of hanging out around the house. It may seem like we post a lot of pictures, but Grandma and Grandpa Harris live far far away, and aren't with us every day. They like to see the pictures. Take note of Emmas pic with the kleenex in her nose. Wether it's Nature or Nurture, we owe this one to Grandpa Deming. Emma had a runny nose, and was sick of wiping it, and this was her solution.
Batman version 2.0. Well naturally Allie wants to do anything Emma does, so we knew it wouldn't be long before she picked up on the batman thing. Allie gets very passionate about keeping the costume on. It is a b---- to get that costume off!
One of Allies favorite activites. When you come around the corner and see the stool gone, you just prepare for what you might see in the kitchen. The knives have become a popular event. All the red chuncks are apple peels that she spits out (we can also thank Grandpa Deming for this one).
We did ask Andrew what he wanted to get his sisters for Christmas, and when it came to Allie his very thoughtful response was "well she really likes knives". I had to veto that gift idea.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Andrew's Baptism

We wanted to post a few pics from Andrew's Baptism.

The Deming side of the family.

The Harris side of the family.

The Smith Side of the family.

Grandma and Grandpa Deming

Then it was off to Olive Garden, one of Andrew's favorite places to eat. Also known as "The Grape Place" as coined by Andrew.

Apparently Lane did not approve of the photography. As soon as she saw we were taking pictures, she hid her face.

So Emma, you want to taste Tiffanies dish? Oh, you want to eat the whole thing!? Thanks Tiffany for being so sharing.

Allie was in her own wolrd, and would just stand on the chair staring at all the other people eating.

Newly baptized Andrew James.

Yes, at one point the waiter had to step over her to get down the stairs.

All in all, it was a nice day. Thanks to everyone for their love and support.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Time!

New Pictures have been added to the Halloween blog!

Okay, so Halloween has come and gone, so we thought we should post a few pics of the halloween expereince.

Since Rachel volunteered to help with the kindergarten field trip, Allie got to tag along with big sis Emma.

The picture of Emma with her carved pumpkin would be impressive if it weren't for the truth telling image of Emma forcing her father into slave labor to carve her pumpkin. (plus, last time we caught emma with a knife, she had turned an orange into a three dimensional piece of swiss cheese)

Here is the house for Halloween. I unfortunately did not get my typical nightime photo of the pumpkins lit. Just use your imagination.

The unofficial Halloween Party! There was Dancin and Monster Mashin, all we needed was a mini piano and a dancing dog.

Lane and Lucy

So Andrew dressed as Count Dracula (he insisted on not being any old vampire, he had to be Count Dracula) and Emma was an Angel, figuratively and literally. Allie was whatever we could put on her. The original idea was that Allie would be a devil, but in true form to being a devil, she refused to keep her devil costume on.

Hey, she was a devil after all! This was one of many melt downs she had on our way through the streets trick or treating. Thankfully it was Halloween, so the blood curdiling screams just sort of fit in. Bascially she would violently disagree with the choice of following the rest of the kids instead of wandering over a cliff or something. And yes, this would happen in the middle of the road (she would take special note not to slam her head down too hard since it was a hard surface, but would still throw herself down for dramatic effect).

Ah, yes, the inner librarian in all of us comes out the moment we are done trick or treating. The sorting, categorizing, placing, logging and organizing begins.

So it's like 10 P.M. but as a parent, I can't stomach the fact that the sole diet of our kids was only two groups from the four food groups of the elves..... candy and candy corn. So we made some eggs. Protein girl downed the eggs, the vampire needed a bit of prodding.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. At least we had the weekend to get over our sugar commas.