Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny Conversations

So an episode of "Friends" was on where the subject of discussion was a Playboy magazine. And of course one of the characters mentions "naked chicks". At this point we were turning it off since the kids were around, but then Andrew laughs, "That's funny, a chicken without feathers". Andrew must have thought we were laughing about the image of chickens without feathers because we were cracking up. He is such an awesome kid!

Tonight Andrew kept asking question after question about Barack Obama (and yes, he always calls him by first and last name), and he was asking what he is going to do for us as president. Rachel mentioned that he would help people find jobs and help the country's money. So he thought for a second, and said "So he will help the DHL people get jobs?" I guess the boy doesn't miss much. Funny thing is this whole conversation started because Andrew said that Barack Obama is going to get rid of all the guns (as he proceeds to make the machine gun sound effects). We are continually surprised about his interest in Barack Obama.

Ushering in the NEW YEAR!!

Talk about a hip happenin New Years for us! Three of the five of us had strep. Some of our party activities included the chills, high fevers, can't even swallow your own spit, big tonsels, white spots, doctors offices, shots in the heiney that hurt like a b----. We know how to party it up. So yeah it was a blast. In our weakened condition, I didn't even have the energy to get up and get the camera, so here is a sketch to help convey the energy.

Happy Holidays

Christmas came and went. It all happened so fast, really I would think it never happened if we didn't have the pictures to prove it. (And we don't even have that many pictures compared to the years in the past). But all said and done, here are the pics from the Christmas season.

Cute Emma and Allie, our awesome little girls. Andrew and Emma very excited about the snowfall that they waited so long for.

Welcome Grandma and Grandpa Harris.

So we made Gingerbread Houses while Allie was asleep. But as soon as she discovered it, she immediately recognized the edible nature of the smorgosbord of the sugar covered confection. She was in awe. (She actually did an amazingly good job at not eating or destroying it)

Back to Bucca's for a holiday adventure, then off to see the lights at Temple Square. Oh, and Allie was a pain as usual, so we brought out the ipod, which she was glued to.

Ahhh, Temple Square during Christmas. We kept losing Grandpa Harris due to the photographic smorgosbord of photo opps.
The COB. This is where I hang during the days.

Fun bowling adventure.
Christmas Morning! All the money spent on presents, and the wrapping paper got all the attention! Okay, Allie is quite attached to her Bolt.

With sleds in hand, we set out to find some hills. For some reason my backside hurt for a few days afterwards, but the kids had fun.
Thanks for the care and love from all our friends and family. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Maybe next year we will get around to cards.