Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Easter Pre-School Extravaganza!!

 Day before Easter we went to the Easter Carnival sponsored by Allie's pre-school.  They had games, activities, prizes, luke-warm hot dogs sans condiments, pretty much the usual event experience.  The kids loved it, it was a nice pre-holiday celebration.  A bit cold, but that didn't slow the kids down much.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A dash of Salt

We now have first hand experience of why it is called the Great Salt Lake. That's a cuss-load of salt. And amazingly flat. Found out one of the treasures of visiting the Salt Flats is making a pit stop in Dell.  It's pretty much a gas station, a run down hotel, truck and bus.  But great for photos.  Plus the gas station is no normal gas station, they had the usual sugar foods and caffeinated beverages, but also had milkshakes and a whole realm of fried foods including shrimp.  A rather unique picnic if you will. Big thanks to Lowell for snapping these shots (i'm actually in a couple of them).