Monday, January 18, 2010


And now a few pics from December. Mostly Christmas related surprise surprise. We did have fun. Had some time off from work, which was nice. Had a few epic nerf battles, which made me realize I am getting old and out of shape. Good food, (which unfortunately contirbuted to being out of shape). But it was nice. But I should just let the pictures speak for themselves.


Well, yes, this may seem a bit behind, but always moving forward I guess. So November came in an absolute flash, like seriously, it's like the year of 2009 sneezed and we went from October to December. So, in memory of November, here are a few pics.

Ahhh, cute, Allie is playing with electricity again! Actually it reminds me of the time a couple years ago when Allie decided to suck on the laptop charger, which gave her a little shock. Since then she would point to any charging cables and say "hot!"

Hey, I know what sounds good for breakfast, dirty snow. Mmmmm. Allie definitely is a fan of snow, and we are doing our best to encourage her to make healthy snow choices.
Ahhhhh, Turkey day!!. I still want to puke mashed potatoes and gravy. But it was all delish!

Oh yeah, we had a few pics of Emma's Thanksgiving school program. Of course you can't have a stage without Allie heading up there first.

You know, I had no idea that my kids were trying tricks like this until their Grandpa caught it on camera. I guess what you don't know never hurts, until you have to pick up your crying kid off the asphault, and cart them to the ER because they wiped out on their bike.