Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Killer concert

Thank you front row.

Brandon Flowers came to town, and there was no way we were going to miss that. We are huge fans, definitely victims (aka Killers fans, get it?). His music is awesome, lyrics poetic, and the guy just has a passion for his music and performing. Unlike the Killers concert, we were THE front row, which was awesome! Surpisingly we could still hear afterwards. Maybe its the four non-stop talker/whiner/crier/yellers we take care of everyday that conditioned our ears.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mummy knows best

Halloween once again! Love the festivities of the holiday. We have been watching scary movies for most the month, even though they can be some of the dumbest shows on earth, they still make the holiday fun (how morbid as I think about the movies we watched). We made some of the ususals, caramel apples, caramel corn, Halloween Chex mix, had some sugar cookies donated by Kathleen. Which makes me wonder why we do this? Cynics claim Valentines day was a holiday invented by the card and flower companies, well maybe Halloween was a holiday created by dentists all around the world who were mutually backed by the diabetes supply companies to ensure they stay in business. Seriously, how much sugar can one individual consume?

mmmmm, it was worth it.

School Halloween parades! Always festive!

I think it would be cool one year, for all the teachers to go zombie, so when the kids show up, they try to eat their students brains, and the kids have to find ways to escape the schools, and if parents show up to save their kids, the teachers bite the parents and then the parents turn into zombies. It would be awesome. Basically you know any kids coming back the next day would have a resiliency worth educating. Improving our school by natural selection.

Now onto the ward Halloween party. I would say it was fun, but they totally switched it up and made us miss the Trunk or Treat! What the?! that is the only reason we go to ward activities, the loot of candy! Oh well, next year we will hit the trunks twice to make up for lost loot.

You can't tell from the pics, but I shot several pictures of our Halloween McyDees breakfast (no real connection between McDonald's and Halloween, but it was greasy good). You may also notice the kids still in their costumes. The Mummy outfits were so obnoxious to get on and off, we told the kids to just sleep in their costumes. It help add to the authenticity of the costume. Plus they were ready to go as soon as they got up the next morning.

And then the clouds rolled in. At first we thought we would brave the rain. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Harris's neighborhood, and luckily Kathleen had some giant umbrellas. But still we were getting wet, and the kids were getting cold. So we called it quits. But an hour or so later, the rain let up and we went back out. The one thing I enjoyed the best about being at the in-laws for Halloween was that there was someone at the house to hand out the Candy. So Rachel bundled up Sloane, and we set out as a family. Yeah, I think that is what I liked the best...

... oh yeah, and the sugar loot too.