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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Revenge of the Trolls

Yes, it's been awhile.  But mostly because we've spent the last year troll herding in the hopes that we can coral and contain the destruction and keep it to a a minimum.  Basically it got to the point where we stopped taking pictures of the messes, and clean up became a day to day routine.

You would think I would be proud that Sloane is showing an artistic interest.  Well FIND A NEW CANVAS!
Some of her handiwork with the markers. Probably not as extensive as Allison's Sharpie episode, but still a pain to clean up.  
The great protein powder predicament.   The stuff was everywhere.  
The worst part is that Sloane would open up a dvd case, dump a scoop in, and then close it.  
Weeks later we were still finding cases with a little protein powder surprise.
I wonder if she truly believed that by hiding the canister we wouldn't notice the mess.
Toilet bowl toys. 
Unwrapping a roll of tinfoil, (which I tried to roll back up) and a pile of mixed nuts.
Judging by the innocent look on her face, she has no clue who shredded the Dora book.
And if protein powder was not enough, we also had the hot chocolate incident.
Maybe Sloane felt she was being watched or something.