Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sloane's teeth are coming in.  First the bottom two in the middle, and then her FANGS!  Does this mean we have the same devil or angel personality to look forward to?  Allie has already done her fair share of mischief for the both of them... so we hope.

One more from our photo shoot last weekend.  (thanks Lowell Harris)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Spirit of God like a fire is burning...

I am pretty sure that Stake conference was canceled? I looked it up in the Stake Calendar, and it still listed the Provo Tabernacle as the meeting place.

Okay seriously, sad to lose such a cool historical building like this, but it was made of wood and laqure. Judging by the photos of the production lights outside with all the icicles, I don't think we will be using those lights at work any time soon (not to mention the load of other equipment our group lost.)

I think it just sort of seems surreal to see something you are so used to being there all the time, and then it's gone. I think I am fascinated by the photos, so I had to post a few. (Thanks to Lowell Harris for the photos, I was at work when this was going on.)

Fall Shenanigans

Campfire up the canyon

Sweet outfit Emma! It becomes rather entertaining to let them dress themselves.

Fun trip up to Snowbird.

The humorous eating habits of our kids (especially Allie). And yes, that is a large chunk of Parmesan cheese Allison is eating. We often find our cheese with large teeth marked chunks out of it. At least she is getting her dairy.

More toys in random places. I guess Polly Pocket and her boyfriend went hot tubbing in our fall Chex Mix.

Andrew and Emma went on a photo shoot with Grandpa Harris.

Allie's preschool trip to Pumpkin Land. She loved it. And yes, Allie did get her head stuck in the Scarecrow one. Not the bat so much, but definitely the Scarecrow. It took some work to get her head back out. Nice work Pumpkin Land.