Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Birthday, two parties, and a visit to Snowbird

Going to Snowbird with the Smiths. Hailey goes up to Snowbird each October to visit her Grandpa and we are just glad that her Grandpa invites us to.

Next is a bunch of picturs from Andrew's and Allie's birthday parties.
Here is Allie doing the "Fred the Skeleton" (we probably should have included a pictures of the skeleton sticking out it's tongue, since it would help the picture make sense).
First we see Rachel holding Lucy, one of the Smith twins, and the next pictures we have a picture of Allies disapproval. She literally is pulling Lucy by the leg to get her out of Rachels arms. Not because Allie wants to be held, she just doesn't want Rachel holding anyone else, unless it's her.
Happy Birthday to Georgiana as well! Two years ago we gave her a neice for her birthday.

So we lit the candles and started singing Happy Birthday to her, which seemed fun for her at first, but then she got all shy, and hid her face, it was so cute! Luckily Rachel stepped in and saved her, and everything was right with the world again.
Andrew talking to Grandma Harris thanking her for his birthday presents.
As if Hailey's hands aren't full enough with twins, Allie pushes her way to the middle of it all.

Happy Birthday Andrew. Okay, its a day or so late, but whose counting. I can't believe he is 8 years old. He's an awesome kid! So here are a few pics of the boy.

I'm lucky I can still smooch his cheeks a lot.