Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn Adventure

So we went on a small adventure checking out the Autumn leaves. We had the rare occurance where Andrew was more than willing to pose for some pics. He was particularly proud of his pose leaning on the tree, which made me laugh. He said he wanted a good picture for his mom, haha, what a great kid.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oops I did it again!

It's a GIRL! (in case you couldn't read the text "GIRL" in all caps on the first image) Kind of hard to believe, but I guess I have to accept it. After all, usually pregancy leads to a baby.

Some Random pics as Fall approaches

So we took a trip around the Alpine Loop to check out the changing leaves. A nice start. It was also one of the rare times Allie actually fell asleep in the van. And she was out of it. Andrew attempting to wake her up, peeled her eyelid open and it would just flop shut, with no regard to the waking persuasion. It made us all laugh, which I am sure would not be funny to Allie, but like I said, she was totally out of it.

Had a couple outing with Allie. The girl insisted on learning chopsticks, and surprisingly she was able to eat. At another place she took Grandpa's glasses hostage, which she thought was hilarious. We thought it was funny as well.

Oh yes, Emma's Asthma. She had been coughing for weeks, and was starting to get really wheezy, so we were like fine, we will take you in to the doctor , only to have the doctor refuse her release until she had had several breathing treatments. How were we supposed to know? I never had Asthma! We are good parents, I promise! But after getting all sorts of things from the doctor, she recovered just fine. At least now we know, and knowing is half the battle.
Haha, okay, Allie has discovered "Piggyback" rides and is relentless in getting her way. Plus she has found ways to alter the concept to her advantage in many ways. At least she was cleaning up.
And just a few random pics to finish it off.

Allie converted her leg warmers to Arm warmers. Nice look.