Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Happy Birthday to Emma and February Momments

The E and E Birthday bash came once. To clarify for certain parties involved, both Emma and Ethan were born on the exact same day. Ethan is Emma's brother from another mother.

So here is Ethan and Emma, year 6.

A tableful of happy cousins. Katie, Annie, Allie and Emma.

Hanging tough, the boys. Jeffrey, Will and Andrew.

"This totally rocks!"

Maneuvering through our humongous garage.

Welcoming the beginning of warm weather. They were pretty excited.

Close up of excited. (note: half the house was taken outside)

Aunt Lizz teaching Allie more attitude. The sway of the hips and a "hmmpf".
Tornado Allie strikes again. At least it's not the knives.
Emma in her Gymnastics class.

I am proud of her backbends. Look at her form!

What the?!