Friday, June 19, 2009

The Banana Stand Week 2

Here are some pics from week two! So far so good. We are enjoying it, Andrew seems to be enjoying it. Emma will ask before she goes to bed if tomorrow is the Banana Stand, and when Friday finally rolls around, we tell her yes, tomorrow is the Banana Stand.

Just got set up, now where are the customers?

So this girl kept coming by our stand asking questions about the Banana Stand. Andrew did a great job, and it just made me laugh watching him answer her questions. It turns out she is the daughter of one of the other Vendors there in the park and we ended up trading a chocolate banana for a couple of shrimp rolls, a spring roll and a bag of chips. It was great to see Andrew work on his social skills, but the only number he got that day was from his Aunt Georgiana.

Allie, you media glutton! (watching Bolt on the iPod) (But we have to find ways to contain her)

So around 1:00 clouds start rolling in, I kept taking looks, but nothing looked threatening. But then around 1:30, we start thinking we might as well close up shop and avoid any disaster, I take a look at the clouds, and clearly we have a somewhat strong storm to mild microburst heading our way! Andrew and I take off running, we pull the van in, start packing up everything as fast as we can. Yet everyone else seemed to be going about normal business. Until the huge crack of thunder and huge gusts of wind came, and the place broke out in pandamonium.

IT.... WAS..... AWESOME!

Branches were flying, people were running all over the place trying to protect thier goods, canopys were snapping like toothpicks! Good times.

Here are just a couple of the goods.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Last year, after watching some Arrested Development (the TV show) Andrew got the idea that he could run his own Banana Stand selling chocolate dipped frozen bananas. He would talk about it all the time. “Once I get my banana stand running I can buy this... or I can pay for that.... etc.” And after he talked about it enough, we thought why not?

Realizing the Provo Farmer's Market (every saturday at Pioneer Park) would be the perfect place to set up shop, we gathered some supplies and bought a load of bananas, and debuted last Saturday. It was actually a lot of fun. But the cool part was that Andrew took total ownership. He wanted to do everything, and run the whole thing. He wanted to prepare the bananas, he wanted customers coming in (he would stand there and shout out "chocolate dipped frozen bananas!"). One lady even commented that it was nice to have such a nice helper, and he didn't hesitate to correct her telling her that he was the owner of The Banana Stand and that I was working for him. Even when it was time to clean up, he was great loading up the dolly with stuff and carting it to the van (even though we only have pictures of Emma cleaning up.)

All in all it was a lot of fun, both Emma and Allie wanted to participate, well except the time Allie had wandered off on her own, and didn't seem to care. I think it will be a memorable summer experience!