Saturday, June 4, 2011

a few random photos

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On a cold spring day, Allison realized the vents blow out warm air. So naturally she set up camp directly over the vent with the quilt to capture all the cozy air. Genius.

Oh this was a treat. The car wouldn't start, and realizing it was the battery, I figured it must be dead and needed to be replaced. So I took it in, and the guy said he would test it out. The battery was fine, and he told me it was probably corrosion. Then he told he has seen worse, but it definitely took a strong second place for caked on corrosion. He then proceeded to give a few tips to clean up the corrosion. But the lifesaver was the bearded greasy guy in line behind me. "Coke! Pour Coke right on there and it'll clean it right up." Thank you stranger. So on my way home, I picked up a Coke, took a sip, then proceeded to clean my horribly corroded battery cables. Sure enough, Coke! Coke cleans it right up.

Having fun with Grandpa Harris. Nice Silly-band toupee, I am sure it will catch on real quick.

Sloane is catching on quickly. She sees Allie coloring and insists she color too. Luckily Allie was excited to have her join in.

OWe got our money's worth out of these. Well at least I think so, not sure how long he had them, but we like to think we got our money's worth.