Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Halloween

So I made an effort to document our day of Halloween. Being on Saturday, it was perfect. Plenty of time to get ready, time to veg and time to photo!

Emma woke up early, so we both went to the store to pick up a few ingredients for the day.

Kids and their vampire teeth, the most simple thing, yet they see it as an amazing privilege.

Getting the day off to a good start by watching Ghostbusters. And then acting out the ghosts.
Sad, but I think this was one of the more nutritious food items for the day.

Had some fune with "flap-jack-o-lanterns". Dee-lish, well after they were coated in butter and sugar. Gave the donuts a run for their money.

Played a little "Plants Vs. Zombies" which I thought was aptly appropriate for the day.

MMMMM, Halloween mix.

Tornado Allie, need I say more?
Time for pumpkin carving! Take note, I had the kids draw how they wanted thier pumpkins, and then I carved it that way. Andrews was a unique challenge, but I think I got close to his original vision. Plus, it was cool how the light was coming in the window, and lit up the pumpkin.

And of course, I had to carve one for myself.
NOW ON TO TRICKS OR TREATS!! (bring on the loot!!)

Emma was a lovely vampire (fortunately from no influence by current selling books. Ask her who her favorite vampire is, and she will most likely say Ultra Violet).
Anrew was a terrible ghost. Rather pleased how that one came out.
And Allie was basically whatever we could get her to agree to allow us to put on her.

I like this one because you can see Allie booking it as fast as possible to the candy. I think she started to get the picture of what Halloween was all about.

Time to take inventory!
There you have it. Halloween 2009! Special thanks to the Smith family for the excellent chili dinner.