Friday, May 16, 2008

Time flies

Once again it is time to get caught up with our blog. So we thought we would just post some highlight pictures of the last few months.

Emma is still in love with the batman mask. Never thought it would last this long.

Andrew and Allie getting cozy.

Girls night out. Ten minutes before Rachel and Emma were supposed to go to a Gymnastics meet, Emma pulled this cool stunt where she fell out of her chair, and then somehow got the chair to fall on top of her. Unfortuanately the chair left a nasty gouge in her forehead. So it was off to the emergency room instead.

Close up of the three stitches she got from the mean old chair. But this is a cake walk compared to the 15 stitch scar immediatelyl below the new battle wound.

This is our friendly realtor (Best realtor in the whole wide world. A true BFF!) Here she is giving us the key to our new place. Thanks Nic!

What a way to break in the house, an "annoying-go-round" (nothing merry about the volume coming from this)

Alright, our first sleepover in the new place.

It's the E and E birthday bash. Both Ethan and Emma were born on the same day, so we celebrated together.

Here is the Smith and Deming crew (minus the twins). Yes, this was as loud as it looks.

Emma opening presents, think she was excited?

Here is Andrew and Emma on Easter morning, doing the egg hunt.

Desprately trying to get some pictures of the kids in their easter outfits. It's like a law of the universe that at least one child must not be smiling while the others are.

The famous cheesy grin by Allie.

Allie has become a complete copy cat of Emma. She wants to be doing everything that Emma is doing.

Allie loves pacifiers, can you tell?

The Three Stooges.

Batman returns. It didn't take long for Emma to relocate the mask after moving into the new place.