Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Cleveland Adventure

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa at Hopkins Intl.

Doping up on junkfood.

Grandpa Harris.

Little Z giving out kisses.



Andrew and Emma, personalities shining through (how else can they deal with the barrage of picture taking).

Andrew and Emma.

Emma visits her place of birth.

Emma once again (can you tell we did a lot of photo shoots in Clevleand).

Having fun at Lake Erie.

Just hanging out.

Andrew and Allie sharing a breif moment.

Emma and Allie sharing a breif moment (then Allie promptly destroyed the structure).

Jumping the waves at Lake Erie.

Allie wandering off .... again!

The Fam.

Second family picture (excellent progress considering our last family picture was in 2003.

The office of my doctor who delivered Emma. He's in jail.

Allie and Rachel.

Andrew and Emma + swings = fun.

Grandma hanging out with Allie. (She will be mad that we posted this, but we love you!)

What's more fun than watching planes.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some of our favorite quotes of the Summer

"Kids, what do you want for dinner?"
"I want any kind of white noodles"
"I'm hungry for squid!"

"You know when we say "what did you say" when you want to hear what someone said again .... he says "Pardon me"

- Andrew in a perplexed voice, in reference to a New Zealand kid he met in Oregon.