Monday, September 20, 2010

Check out the new Herssocute Blog - It's the coolest!


So we started a new blog to show things that have been made and photos that have been taken.  Kind of like our own little portfolio for the projects we enjoy doing.   The blog will primarily focus on the projects for the Herssocute Etsy store, but we figured it would be a good place to post any other projects and fun things we like to do.  In case you were curious, the name "Herssocute" actually came from Emma when she would describe Allie wearing Rachel's skirts.  So the name stuck.  Kudos Emma.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

"...when I grow up I'm going to have twins, and I'm going to name one Left and one Right. hahahaha"


(this conversation started when we were just shootin the breeze with Andrew and he started talking about being a dad and having kids, and mentioned he wants to name one of them "Michael Jackson Zombie", and of course the conversation evolved.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School

Well time for back to school and some back to school photos. It's crazy how fast these kids grow up.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Allie's Animals

One of the joys of having children is the random and often humorous discovery of toys in strange places. Allie seems to have the most creative episodes. Such as finding three snakes curled up with some of Andrews toys. Of course I wondered, are the snakes getting cozy with the other toys, or are they eating the other toys. But Allie made sure it was known that the snakes were eating the other toys. Kudos Allie, for knowing the proper method of constriction.

And another random happening. I love the bus, it's usually a signature Allie piece.

Okay, the next episode does raise some eyebrows. Warning, if you are faint of heart, please turn away now. But this one surprised me.

So after staring at the setup for most of the day, I finally got a chance to ask Allison what the other animals were doing, and sure enough, all the animals are eating the monster monkey, as it was explained to me. Hmmmmm, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, all coming together to devour one monster animal in harmony. Ohh sweet little Allison, that is so cute. (Does anyone know a good psychologist?)

I am sure there are more to come. Our little Allie never seems to stop.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summarizing Summer

Thought we would post a few summertime photos! What the?! Wasn't it just June? Hmmm, Despite time slowly, consistently disregarding my constant requests to slow down, life moves on.

So to try and take a break we went up to Thanksgiving Point to consume lunch. Not bad. Kind of windy. And very hot. The kids were playing in that water contraption thing whatever it is, and got soaking wet, only to dry out by the time they walked back to our table. So it worked out.

Oh, and Sloane has really discovered people food. She will reach her arms out like that the whole time while you try to eat. A very persistant little girl.

and what is summer without a good thunderstorm. Well this one was okay, but it was one of the better ones comparatively. Still a sucky storm season.

And of course, some hanging out....

This last photo actually describes an activity called "jumpee". I lift Sloane up in the air shouting "JUMPEE" in my embarrassing, and possibly slightly annoying high pitched baby voice. And when at the pinnacle of her journey, Sloane then drops her quart sized drool bomb on whatever kid that happens to be there. That's my favorite part.

Oh yes, Sloane finally discovered the baby hidden in her play toy. She still hasn't figured out how it got there.

Here we have an intricate battle scene, where all the boy oriented toys decided to gang up on all the girly style toys, and launch a major attack. The girls leading with their troops of Littlest Petshops and Polly Pockets, backed by an immense charging wall of looming stuffed animals. But do they stand a chance, against the clone army, let by captain Rex, and other highly skilled generals, navigating not only republic battle gear, but droid artillery and bionacles as well?

Of course, all I see is a big mess.

Well, summer has been good. Probably not the most ideal, could have used a bit less stress, but still good none the less. It's these blasted kids. You want to be grumpy, but then you go back and look at the pictures of them smiling, and you can't help but let that affect you. You cant help but be pulled in by their wonderment, their excitement, and energy. It makes you want to say, "screw you time! You think you are so tough with the birthdays and making us older and what not. But you know what, not today. Today, my kids are not any older, today my kids do not have any birthdays, today my kids are mine. And I am going to enjoy it. Thanks kids. Rockstar!