Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EXSCARED! - Quote of the Day

"I'm exscared. Do you know what that means? It means I am excited and scared at the same time."

-- Emma, on getting her tooth pulled.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Acts of Randomness: A Unique Bus Ride

Sometimes when I ride the bus to work, I close my eyes, and rather than the dry, semi-industrial slash construction zone scenery, I can see a lush forest of green with running waters. I can see country side colors, and rocky mountain landscapes. Even then, sometimes that gets old and then the world becomes painted in bright and unusual colors, nothing remains it's shape in reality, and animated shapes and creatures populate the open space. Roads become way higher than possibly engineered, giving a sky-scraper-top view of the city below, with criss-crossing pathways that twirl and loop with endless directions. Oh! The places you'll go...

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ahhh Easter, time for Spring, time for tulips, pastels, chocolate breakfasts and... snow? What the what! But despite our wintery encore, we still had a great Easter. Naturally starting with the Easter Egg hunt. Andrew and Emma really got into it. Allie gets into it until she realizes the little plastics eggs have chocolate in them. Then it's breakfast of chocolate bunnies, and sugar coated anything.

We had some fun this year. Apparently the Easter bunny hid clues in eggs as to where there were the Easter gifts. So the kids were running around the house as they would get one clue, which led them to another and then onto another, etc.


The food rocked!! Not much more to say on that. Except the fact that the kids are growing an ever stronger liking to lamb, which sucks because then Rachel and I have to share. Last year Emma downed like a whole rack of lamb, and now Andrew is catching on. Blasted kids... they're supposed to like mac and cheese, ramen noodles etc, and not the good stuff!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some pics from Sloane's Baby Blessing

So a bit late on this post, it was like two weeks ago, but we really appreciate the love and support from friends and family, and just want to say thanks to all. A special thanks to Sloane's Grandma Deming for making the blessing dress. The dress was just stunning. Thank you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I feel like a Trash Can

Andrew was sick today. The downside was finding a puddle of drool marking my side of the bed. The upside, we got to hang out and just talk. Sloane even spent some time hanging out with us. It did make us laugh when he said he felt like a trash can. I can only assume it was his translation of "feeling like junk". But I thought the trashcan comment was the more descriptive. Get well soon pal!

Rachel spent most the afternoon hanging out with both Andrew and Sloane. Andrdew would come in and out of sleep, and sometimes was rather incoherent, which we feel bad for him, but at the same time, it was kind of humorous. It was nice hanging out, and somehow in between it all, Rachel did an entire scrapbook for Allison. When it comes to projects, her speed really is uncanny.

Andrew just wanted to be where everyone was. If we migrated upstairs, that is where he wanted to go. If we went back downstairs, he would drag his green blanket, his animal pillow, and himself down to the couch. He just wants to be around us, which is really cool. I hope nothing changes.


Of course it was my duty to entertain Andrew while lying motionless on the couch, so I hooked up our iMac to the TV and played a little Plants vs. Zombies. The zombies didn't stand a chance.

Now, time to throw the sheets in the wash.

Friday, April 9, 2010

More photo fun... just ask Andrew

Lowell Harris Photography

WHAT??!! I have to take pictures!! You know it pal!! Rachel's Father is a fellow photographer, so between the two of us, our poor kids are subjected to lens abuse more than they would prefer. I don't mind because we end up with some great photos. Here is a collection from a couple of recent photo shoots by Lowell Harris. (Thanks again, the photos look great!)

Allie was a pain in the cuss as usual, so the only way I could get her to stand still was hold her upside down. The girl never stops moving! It's like sports photography. But Lowell still got some great shots.

And a funny photo...